ESEV operates in Israel as a Clinical Research Organization (CRO), providing a fully comprehensive service to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of cannabis-derived product. Management of each project incorporates sourcing the most appropriate experts and medical institution to execute the project, patient recruitment, precreation of the study protocol, submitting applications to the relevant committees and writing a scientific article upon successful completion of project.




ESEV is working in collaboration with leading experts to develop breakthrough medical and wellness solutions for humans and pets including lotions, capsules, gel, strips and tinctures.

Cannabis has been shown to possess a host of health benefits including anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti-seizure and anti-nausea effects, assisting with arthritis, an antioxidant properties, the ability to lower blood pressure and reduce pain.

Different people incur different experiences when taking cannabis. One individual may feel stress release, another may feel over-stimulated and stressed, while another could be energized and on-task. Many factors that impact its effect including:

  • Amount used (dosage)

  • Strain of cannabis used and method of consumption

  • Experience and history of cannabis use

  • Biochemistry

  • Nutrition or diet

  • Types of Cannabis

ESEV - ​from biblical Hebrew Meaning: herb, grass, plant.  Etymology: from an unused root meaning ‘to glisten’ or ‘be green’

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