About Us


Based in New York, ESEV is collaborating with Israel’s leading medical centers and scientific institutions to organize and oversee clinical trials to demonstrate the efficacy of cannabis-derived compounds and assist in the development of proprietary technologies for specific medical indications and overall wellbeing.

The burgeoning, multi-billion dollar North American market is already flooded with medical cannabis products however there is a profound lack of knowledge about their safety and effectiveness. Obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals for cannabis research and trials in the US is exceptionally difficult.


Why Israel?


Israel hosts a highly advanced and supportive environment for medical cannabis underpinned by decades of experience. Their sophisticated, collaborative medical ecosystem, the state’s relaxed laws on accessibility of medicinal cannabis alongside in-depth experience in the growing and extraction of the plant place Israel at the forefront of medical cannabis research. 

Our deep relationships within Israel’s medical and scientific community place our service and expertise in a unique position to implement medical cannabis-related studies cost-effectively and within short timescales.


How we work


Partnering with cannabis companies, we build long-term strategic partnerships, operating as an R&D division and creating an on-going R&D pipeline for clients as part of their long-term plans.


The Team


Golan Vaknin

CEO, founder

Golan is an entrepreneur and senior executive with a proven management track record. Golan was formerly a senior buyer for the Israeli Ministry of Finance and a Procurement Manager for the Israeli Consulate in New York City before developing ESEV.


Oded Shoseyov PhD

Scientific Advisor

Oded is a faculty member of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem whose research is in plant molecular biology, protein engineering and nano-biotechnology. He has authored or co-authored more than 160 scientific publications and is the inventor or co-inventor of 46 patents.


Dr. Tamar Bar

R&D Manager

Tamar is specialized in due diligence of novel projects and served as a consultant for the Hebrew University, Weizmann Institute of Science, Bar Ilan University, Ben Gurion University of the Negev and others. Her knowledge encompasses chemistry, chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, biology and medicine in Israel and Germany.

ESEV - ​from biblical Hebrew Meaning: herb, grass, plant.  Etymology: from an unused root meaning ‘to glisten’ or ‘be green’

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